In 1978s, after the national liberation, Pho Co Coffee comes from a shop specializing in processing, roasting and distributing retail and small trade in the old quarter of central Hanoi. The founders of this Pho Co Coffee brand have been handed down the secret of long-standing traditional Vietnamese coffee roasting. In the early year, we roasted coffee into small portions to supply for only local Hanoians. Combining the distribution for neighboring cafes located in the old quarter of central Hanoi. Due to the country’s economic transformation, our family had to move elsewhere, and our contacts were lost. But great, with the good rumor far, everyone still spread the word about the brand of Pho Co Coffee for a long time from longtime customers. Many new customers knew about this legend coffee shop and tracked down the address of Pho Co Coffee and ordering whether just to buy a small pack of coffee. Since then, with reputable quality results in the coffee business, Pho Co Coffee is widely known not only from local Vietnamese but also from the Europeans, Asians, Americans and Australians.

Our goal is to become an independent traditional coffee roaster who provides quality products in reasonable price. We keep our small operating model running in the same way we started it decades ago. Our brand maintains its original style, because we don’t just think that a big coffee brand needs to come from an appropriate environment. We focus on roasting and processing, choosing the best and best quality coffee from all regions of the country to make sure that everyone loves coffee.

Pho Co Coffee now has many major retail stores in Old Quarter Hanoi. All are managed by the family members in the family and continue to develop the brand. In addition, Pho Co Coffee is also a coffee supplier for many regional cafes and restaurants with coffee and tea.